Workflow Tools

Putting you in control – every step of the way

Item Authoring screen in Grademaker Pro

GradeMaker Pro offers outstanding support for the planning, review and approval processes, making even the most complex process manageable and straightforward.

Keep track of multiple review cycles

It’s easy to submit and respond to comments, regardless of the number of review cycles or volume of comments.

Roll-back to previous version

Each item version is saved, along with the reviewer’s comments, for easy tracking and monitoring.

Status dashboard

Be the master of your universe! The authoring dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the status of the entire authoring process, so you always know what's happening, what needs to be done – and whether your intervention is needed.

Transparent copyright approval

Assets (photos, text, maps) which require permissions clearance can also be tracked and monitored, eliminating the risk of delays or uncertainties when you’re signing off papers.

Manage the artwork

Accurate briefing, at the right time in the authoring cycle, is easy with our dedicated artwork commissioning tools.

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