Item Banking

All your exam-ready content in one secure place

Exam boards world-wide are adopting item banking to improve the quality and security of their exam papers.

GradeMaker Pro’s item banking tools allow even non specialists to use item performance data to create exams that meet international standards of validity and reliability.

Store exam-ready items safely and securely

Only users with the highest levels of security clearance have access, so your secure content stays that way.

Stop authors from guessing what’s in the paper

GradeMaker Pro’s item banking means authors don’t know what’s going into the final paper, so the risk of exposure is minimised.

Enter pre-test data

Pre-test data on facility, difficulty and discrimination can be held against items in the bank, adding precision and control to test construction.


Learn from post-test data

Item performance data can be analysed and held in the bank, improving overall test quality for the future.

Construct tests which meet your standards

Use the dynamic score card to ensure your test meets requirements on average difficulty and other characteristics.

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