GradeMaker Pro ensures your content is ready, whatever your delivery format.

While onscreen testing may be your ultimate goal, most Awarding Bodies adopt a phased approach, with a combination of traditional, paper-based exams and onscreen delivery.

GradeMaker Pro holds your content in a neutral format which can be exported to any delivery format that you require.

Flexible delivery

Items are held using the internationally recognised QTI standard, making it easy to export them into any high quality onscreen testing system.

Preview your item

Whether it’s intended for print or onscreen delivery, click to see how the item will look in the test.

Integration with typesetting

Once your final paper proofs have been created, it’s simple and straightforward to export to your typesetter’s preferred design package.

School access

Allow schools to access your rich repository of past items and question papers to support their exam preparation.

GradeMaker’s proven onscreen testing solution

If you want to introduce onscreen testing, GradeMaker offers a digital testing solution which has successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of tests to candidates across Europe.

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